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Help raise much needed funds to provide the dental tools and supplies, as well as to keep the equipment for the clinic up to date.


If you are a dentist and would like to donate your time and skills to help these children, click HERE learn more.




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Dental Volunteers for Israel








Dental Volunteers


Volunteering can be a rewarding experience. By being a dental volunteer, you will be delivering dental care to children ages five through eighteen who come from underprivileged families in Jerusalem. The clinic has six fully equipped dental chairs and an English speaking Israeli resident staff of dental assistants and hygienists.

D.V.I. Offers:

The clinic performs one hundred treatments for children from underprivileged families every day. There have been 4,500 dentists from around the world that have volunteered at the clinic and many of them have returned several times to lend their knowledge and expertise to improving the lives of these children.

In response to increasing demand for DVI's services, the clinic hours have been expanded. The clinic is now open from Sunday through Thursday from eight a.m. to two p.m.

The clinic will provide their volunteers with a centrally located cost-free apartment in Jerusalem stocked with dishes and linens. Families of the volunteers are invited as well. Every apartment is available from Friday around noon to the following Friday until nine a.m. Both of these times can be flexible, but details must be arranged ahead of time with Aliza.

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